'Overwatch 2' Sombra, Bastion Rework Guide: What Changes Blizzard Made for Them

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 27, 2021 02:59 AM EDT
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Blizzard reveals new character reworks in preparation for Overwatch 2. Both Somba and Bastion will receive rehauls as they will be included in the multiplayer team shooting game's sequel.

In their respective reworks, the former, according to DBLTap, will pull her further from being a Support character to a full-blown assassin, while the latter will receive a tweak for his Ultimate ability, making him a stationary artillery instead of a moving tank.

Sombra Rework

The said rework for Sombra for Overwatch 2, according to Alt Char, will focus more into her damage-dealing abilities while still provide support for her team.

In a Tweet from the game's Twitter page, the developers revealed that her Hack ability will have its cooldown decreased from 8 to 3 seconds, but its duration will be increased to 8 seconds. Its ability lock duration will also be reduced from 5 seconds to 1 second.

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The said ability will also reveal enemies to her fellow teammates through walls for just 8 seconds, however the cooldown for hacking health packs will not be longer halved, and will be reduced from 60 seconds to 30 seconds.

Her Stealth ability will also be reworked, reducing it by 50%, while the detection radius will be increased from 2 meters to 4 meters. The said ability will no longer removed while using Hack, however Sombra will become visible for a brief time.

As for her EMP Ultimate ability, it will no longer deal any additional shield-specific damage, but it will deal damage up to 40% of the enemy's current Health.

Her Opportunist passive will now deal 50% more damage to any hacked targets, and her Machine Pistol's damage will be reduced from 8 to 7, and its spread by 20%.

Bastion Rework

As mentioned earlier, Bastion will also be reworked for Overwatch 2, especially his ultimate. According to NME, its Configuration: Tank will be changed into Configuration: Artillery, making the animation of his transformation changed as well, from being a tank into the aforementioned stationary artillery.

With this change, Bastion will be on the ground and unleash a powerful long-range strike to his opponents. Players can manually also change up to three different targets across the map, which they can see through the overhead view.

His sentry turret mode, Configuration: Sentry, can now be moved around, but on a reduced movement speed. The said mode will have unlimited ammo, but its damage will be reduced by 40%.

Blizzard also said that the firing rate for his Configuration: Recon will be reduced by 50% and its spread will also be reduced to 0. Its Damage falloff range will be increased in order to be more accurate at the long range.

His Reconfigure ability, on the other hand, will have an 8 second duration in between transformations from his Recon form to his Sentry form, and vice versa, as well as a 10 second cooldown.

However, its Self-Repair ability, according to Comicbook, will no longer included in his kit, and instead it will be replaced with the new Tactical Grenade. 

This new ability will let Bastion shoot a tactical grenade that can bounce off walls, but sticks to enemies and floors, and can detonate after a short delay and knocks back any enemy in the distance.

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