'Destiny 2' Forest of Echoes Data Cache Guide: Where to Find Them

By Staff Reporter , Updated Oct 05, 2021 11:08 PM EDT
Players must collect Data Caches, like the one shown here, which is seen on top of a watchtower in the Forest of Echoes, in order to complete this week's challenge in Destiny 2.
(Photo: Screenshot from Esoterickk's "All 3 Data Caches in Forest of Echoes Location Guide [Destiny 2]")

A new week means a new set of challenges for the players in Destiny 2 to accomplish. For this week, they must return to the Forest of Echoes Shattered Realm is order to collect the Data Caches, as well as discovering more secrets and expel several of the forces taken by Xivu Arath.

These Data Caches, according to Gamepur, are balls of decrypted information that Petra Venj and Queen Mara Sov needs to analyze in connection with the lore connects between the game's current season, Season of the Lost, and the incoming The Witch Queen Expansion set.

Where to Locate the Data Caches

In order to locate the said Data Caches in the Forest of Echoes, players must unlock and equip the "Frequency Echos" perk on their Wayfinder's Compass before entering the said Shattered Realm.

For the first Data Cache, players must first align the beacon that is in an abandoned church, and return to the spawn point to start the quest. According to Esoterickk's YouTube video, player must first get pass through the first Barrier Breach tote, until they saw a crooked tree.

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From there, according to Dual Shockers, they must invoke the True Sight totem that was under the said crooked tree. Once invoked, a path will be revealed. They must travel through the said revealed path until they reached the plaza that is swarming with enemies.

They must find a circular stone, where the Data Cache was kept. In order to do that, they must first invoke another True Sight totem that is in the area. Afterwards, they will go to the second circular stone, interact with it, and collect the said Data Cache.

From there, they must travel through another path, which was revealed thanks to the invoked True Sight totem in the plaza, until they reached the abandoned church. Then, they must go towards the side of the church until they reach the floating rocky steps in the cliffs.

They must jump the said steps until they reach an entrance to the ruins. Inside, they must run past through the enemies until they reach, and invoke, the third True Sight totem in the area. After that, they will travel through the path until they reach another True Sight totem that will be invokes in order to reveal another path.

They will then travel through the said revealed path until they reach the top of a watchtower, where the second Data Cache was located.

Next, players must fall down from that watchtower until they reach a Field of Strife totem. They must suppress it, then run towards another area filled with ruins, where the fourth True Sight totem is located. After they invoked it, they must search for the third Data Cache, which is inside one of the ruined buildings.

The best way to spot the said Data Cache was to go back to the True Sight totem from the area, and go to a ruined building that is in front of it. Players will jump to the second floor of that building, where they will saw, and collect, the third Data Cache.

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