'Apex Legends,' 'New World': How to Fix 'Untrusted System File' Error Caused by Easy Anti-Cheat Client

By Staff Reporter , Updated Oct 09, 2021 01:12 AM EDT
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Players of Apex Legends and New World are receiving an "Untrusted System File" error message while attempting to launch them. Because of the said error, they are not able to access the games.

While New World is still a new game, which recently released by Amazon Games last September 28th, Apex Legends, on the other hand, had lots of bugs, glitches, and error issues that almost made the battle royale shooting game unplayable if they are not fixed.

What is in the Error Message

If a player would attempt to launch either Apex Legends or New Worlds, they would encounter this message - "untrusted system file (D:\Program Files\Steam\steamclient64.dll)."

The said error message, according to Dexerto, is caused by Steam's Easy Anti-Cheat client, which according to its website, is an anti-cheat service that counters any hacking and cheating activities in any multiplayer PC game.

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However, despite of its anti-cheating measures, there are cases that the Easy Anti-Cheat incorrectly several normal computer system files as "untrusted," causing the said error message to appear.

Because of this, several games who relied on Steam for their multiplayer lobbies, such as Apex Legends and New World, cannot be accessed, and as for the latter according to GameRevolution, it also caused the "Steam must be running to play this game" error message.

How to Fix the Error

There are ways of fixing the "Untrusted System File" error issue in order to access the games such as Apex Legends and New World. One of these methods is to run the Easy Anti-cheat client as the PC's Administrator.

To do this, according to DBLTap, players must go to the Steam client, then go to the games' Properties. From there, they will choose Local Files, then press the Browse button.

Afterwards, they will open their File Explorer, then right click the Easy Anti-Cheat launcher, then open its Properties. Afterwards, they will select the Compatibility tab, and press "Run this program as Administrator." Then, press "Apply," and then press "OK."

They can also fix the issue manually with the use of the Command Prompt. To do this, according to Dexerto, they will search "cmd" in the Start menu, then right click the "Command Prompt," then choose "Run as Administrator."

Once they are in the Command Prompt window, they will type in "netsh winsock reset," then press the Enter key. Afterwards, they will type in "sfc /scannow," then press the Enter key again. They must wait for it to complete before restarting the PC.

Finally, if the first two methods did not fix the error issue, they can also repair the Easy Anti-Cheat client itself. To do this, according to Windows Central, they will repeat the first steps in accessing the games' Properties, only in this method, they need to click the "Manage" tab in their Steam Library pages.

Afterwards, they will select "Browse Local Files," and from there, they will need to find the EasyAntiCheat folder. Once they located the folder, they will click the EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe, then if they are asked if they want to let the .exe file make changes to their device, they must select "Yes."

Once they are in the client program, they will select the game, then they will click the "Repair Service" tab. Afterwards, they need to wait until the reinstallation of the said client finishes. Once it is complete, they need to click "Done."

If any one of these above fixes did not work, according to GameRevolution, players need to wait for an update for both Apex Legends and New World that might fix the "Untrusted System File" error issue.

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