'For Honor' Collaborates with 'Dead by Daylight' for a Halloween Event: What Players Could Expect

By Staff Reporter , Updated Oct 21, 2021 12:54 AM EDT
(Photo: Screenshot from Ubisoft's Website)

It is time to fight the horror and survive as For Honor collaborates with the survival game, Dead by Daylight, in a special crossover event in time for the Halloween season called "The Survivors of the Fog."

In the said event, players must survive a seasoned killer that will stalk them, otherwise it will slaughter them once they are caught.

Once they have survived, according to GamesRadar, they will receive in-game rewards, including oputfits, effects, and ornaments.

Time to Survive the Fog

In Survivors of the Fog, according to a post in the game's website, players will enter a Survivors game mode, which is based from the elements from Dead by Daylight, as survivors trapped in a spooky environment.

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They must survive against the Trapper, an AI-controlled minion, and a staple Killer in Dead by Daylight, that is spawned in the map and looking for its prey, while laying out traps that might activate to any unlucky victim.

Despite of the feel coming from the horror survival game, the gameplay will still follow For Honor's, as the said event is a four players-versus-four players (4v4) PvP game mode, where two teams race to capture 1,000 points.

Aside from claiming capture points to break the enemy team, according to Gamepur, they must also kill the Trapper, before it captures them, to earn higher number of points, which could easily aid them to the victory.

Otherwise, the said Killer will trap them thanks to its bear traps, making them immobilized while the Trapper is attacking them with its cleaver.

Once caught, they will be hooked up in meat hooks, which is also scattered across the map, just like what the Survivors usually went through once they are captured by the Killers in Dead by Daylight.

Once they have survived this game mode, players will receive XP, which can used in the Free Event Pass that can also use in other game modes in For Honor.

According to Comicbook, the said Event Pass, once its progression tiers unlocked after gaining an amount of XP, will reward them in-game items, such as a new Battle Outfit, Effect, and Ornament.

However, Ubisoft, the developers of For Honor, did not disclose even more details regarding the said items.

Aside from that, the said collaboration event will feature executions, outfits, and a signature that was themed after Dead by Daylight.

The Survivors of the Fog crossover event will roll out in For Honor starting October 21st, and it will last until November 11th.

Meanwhile, the online fighting game also have a treat for its players that are subscribed to Amazon Prime and Prime Video services.

According to Bleeding Cool, For Honor will give away bonus packs to said subscribers, which includes a Champion status that will last for seven days, as well as two scavenger crates, and three battlepass tiers. The said giveaway will last until November 29th.

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