'Genshin Impact' Dreams of Bloom Event Guide: How to Obtain, Plant, and Harvest the Dreambloom Seeds

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 12, 2021 07:13 AM EST
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Genshin Impact's "Dreams of Bloom" limited-time event has begun, and players are given the opportunity to take care their own flowers that they are planting in the Serenitea Pot.

In exchange for planting the seeds, and harvesting the said flowers, are in-game items like Mora, Primogems, Level Up Materials, and more.

But in order to join the said event, according to Siliconera, they must reach Adventure Rank 30 and above, as well as they got their very own Serenitea Pot, and completed the game's Chapter 2, Act 1 "Ritou Escape Plan" Archon Quest.

Harvest the Dreams of Bloom

Once they fulfilled the aforementioned pre-requisites, they can now start obtaining the seeds that they need for the Dreams of Bloom event.

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In order to have these seeds, according to game8.co, they must go to Sakuya, a non-playable character (NPC) that can be seen near the blacksmith.

From there, she will request an item for them to collect and give to her in exchange for a Dreambloom Seed. Players can get a maximum of six seeds a day, while the NPC will request a specific item for a day.

Once they got the seed, they will plant it in A Path of Value: Luxuriant Glebe, a plot of land that is specially made for this event.

Afterwards, they will tend for the planted seed for ten minutes until they will saw a flower fully bloomed. The said flower's color will depend on what kind of Dreambloom Seed they planted on the ground. They must keep in mind that if they are clearing the plot, they will lose both the plant and the seed.

Once the flowers are fully bloomed, they can start doing flower arrangements. To do this, according to gamewith.net, they will need to go to Sakuya again to ask for one of the flower stands that they will use for the said arrangements.

Once they got the stand of their choice, they will decorate its three parts, the Top, where they need to decorate with the Top Dreambloom, the Middle, where they need to decorate with the Middle Dreambloom, and the Bottom, where they need to decorate with the Top Dreambloom.

They can also decorate the other two flower stands, as they can get either one of the three as a permanent Furnishing reward.

If they have remaining Dreamblooms in their possession, they can exchange it with in-game items such as Mora, Primogems, Character Ascension Materials, Hero's Wits, and Mystic Enhancement Ores, by simply clicking on "Exchange Dreamblooms" in the in-game event page.

They can also visit their friend's Dreambloom gardens for different seeds and flowers, and they can even give them seeds and flowers as a gift. They can also visit Sakuya in an another world, where she will ask them a different set of items for different kinds of Dreambloom seeds.

The Dreams of Bloom event in Genshin Impact will last until November 18th, but they can still exchange Dreamblooms with other players until November 22nd.

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