'Payday Crime War' Closed Beta Test Guide: When will it Start, How to Register, What Players Could Expect

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 16, 2021 09:07 AM EST
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It is time to plan a heist, and make money out of it while evading the law, in the palm of their hands as Starbreeze Studios and PopReach announced that Payday Crime War will open its doors to players who want to join in its limited closed beta test.

Within this said beta test, players will experience playing the smartphone game app version of the first-person shooting game, where all it needs is the cooperation between players in order to clear an objective.

What Players Could Expect

Players who will be participating in Payday Crime War's beta test, according to Player.One, will experience several of its features, including the game's signature Co-op Heists, which according to Pocketgamer.biz, is a fresh take on the classic Payday 2 heists, as well as Iconic Heists.

They can also experience competing with other players in accomplishing said heists in the game's four player-versus-four player (4v4) Multiplayer battles.

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All of which they can do while taking classic Payday contracts, such as the Dockyard, the Golden Grin Casino, the Trainyard, the Art Gallery, the Four Stories, the Branch Bank, and the Bridge, while being one of the four iconic Payday characters, Dallas, Hoxton, Chains, and Wolf.

The game will also feature other elements that are also come from Payday 2, as well as other additional content that will be included in the future.

Starbreeze studios, the publisher of the Payday series, partnered with Popreach, a smartphone gaming app developing company, in bringing in Payday Crime War, which will be the first title in the series that will be launched in smartphones.

The reason for this partnership, according to Gamespot, is because the latter has a track record of translating successful shooting games to mobile.

This, along with the fact that the series has a large following while wanting to leveraging the former's IP knowledge, created an opportunity for them to deliver a "first-class" shooting game experience on smartphones that can satisfy even the fans of the Payday franchise.

According to Bleeding Cool, Ed Hicks, the lead designer for Payday Crime War, affirms said opportunity, stated that their design efforts are focused on creating said experience while preserving Payday's original spirit.

Aside from Payday Crime War, PopReach also made other smartphone games such as Smurfs' Village, Smurfs Magic Match, Smurfs and the Magical Meadow, War of Nations, Bakery Blitz, Kitchen Scramble, Kitchen Scramble 2: World Cook, Shipwrecked: Lost Island, Shipwrecked: New World and Shipwrecked: Volcano Island.

When will the Heist Begin

The Closed Beta Test of Payday Crime War, according to Droid Gamers, will begin on December 6th. Before this, sign-ups for those who want to participate has been started, and it will continue until December 1st.

During the said beta test, testers will have the chance to play the game and post their own feedback regarding it, including several issues that they have encountered while playing it, to assist the developers in improving the game before its planned release in 2022 for Android and iOS smartphones.

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