'Terraria' 'Don't Starve Together' Crossover Update 1.4.3 Guide: New Content, Items, Fixes, and More

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 18, 2021 10:55 PM EST
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The developers of Terraria announced that the latest 1.4.3 Update for the action-adventure sandbox game had a partnership with the developers of the survival game, Don't Starve Together, for a crossover event.

The said update has brought in new content, including gameplay elements from Don't Stave Together, as well as new items that plays want to have in the game. It also has fixes to the bugs and issues that might affect the game in the long run if they are not addressed.

Just Don't Starve in Terraria

As mentioned earlier, the Terraria-Don't Starve Together Crossover Event has brought in new content for the former, which includes the addition of the elements from the latter in the game.

According to NME, players can now find themselves traversing in a new world in Terraria called "The Constant" with new lighting and shaders, which are inspired directly from Don't Starve Together.

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This include the mechanic where staying inside the complete darkness can be dangerous to their health, so they need to stay in the light. Aside from that, in order to survive, and at the same time, to avoid themselves being hungry and the eventual starvation, they will need to eat food.

While they are in The Constant, according to the patch notes posted in the game's Steam page, players will encounter several Don't Starve Together-inspired enemies, including the Deerclops.

They will also encounter the Eye of Cthulhu and The Twins, which according to Techraptor, was renamed as the "Eye of Terror" and "The Twins of Terror," respectfully.

New Don't Starve Together-related items, which has a substantially improved drop rates, are also available in Terraria.

These include new pets and summons, a collection of tools and weapons based on the survival game such as Lucy the Axe, and several standard boss related items that will be dropped by the Deerclops.

The said crossover event also brought in several new vanity items such as new outfits for Wilson and Willow, as well as new set of hats and accessories, which they can made if they have the necessary Spool and other materials to make them.

Finally, new food items and Crock Pot recipes were added in Terraria, which includes the Froggle Bunwich and the Monster Lasagnia.


Aside from the Terraria-Don't Starve Together Crossover, the 1.4.3 Update has also brought in a patch update, where it fixed several bugs and issues in the game.

According to the patch notes, these include a fix to an issue that causes Crimson Grass Walls to spread slower than the Corruption, as well as another fix to a previously undetectable issue that causes enemies with a higher non-playable character (NPC) ID than the Golden Slimes to drop Golden Slime money bonus.

It also fixed several issues in some of its weapons, including one where a part of the Leather Whip's segments has been cut off, as well as another issue where the Flying Knife will not have proper screen range limits. It also fixed an issue that caused Princess to not have a same "leaving" SFX like Angler.

The update also fixed a rare bug that causes several minions to despawn in the game, as well as it fixed another issue with some of the Rocket projectiles, which resulted in a number of crashes.

It also fixed a bug that causes Boulders and Rolling Cacti to be qualified as ranged items that are eligible of dealing Frostburn status if players are wearing the Frost Armor, as well as another fix to an issue that prevents Honey Pit microbiomes from spawning in the Jungle.

Finally, the update fixed a bug where the effects of the Thorns hit the Empress of Light at an extremely rapid rate, as well as another fix to an issue that causes several configuration settings to reset every time an update or a hotfix occurs.

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