'No Man's Sky' Latest News & Updates: Reddit User Offers Livestream Of Yet-To-Be-Launched Gameplay On Twitch [How To Watch]

By V Doctor , Updated Aug 02, 2016 06:35 AM EDT

Although "No Man's Sky" has yet to be released, some fans have been looking for ways to get more glimpses of the gameplay and elements. Two Reddit users are offering livestreams and vital details of "No Man's Sky" before its big launch on Aug. 9, 2016.

The original release date of "No Man's Sky" has been pushed back as the developer, Hello Games, requested for more time to fine-tune the game and offer a polished final product for fans. However, two Reddit users allegedly acquired a copy of the game at regular places. Reddit user Daymeeuhn shared that he bought a copy of "No Man's Sky" for $1,250 on Ebay, while Reddit user Kengi01 said that he was able to purchase the title at a Walmart store. The two gamers have been sharing details and featuring livestreams for the game since then.

The Bitbag reported that according to Daymeeuhn, his copy of "No Man's Sky" is legitimate and is offering the livestream to prove it. The Reddit user provided a Twitch link to let interested fans watch the leaked early gameplay of "No Man's Sky." According to Daymeeuhn, his livestream will last about 25 to 30 minutes, or until Twitch will cut it off. On the other hand, Kengi01 is also holding a "No Man's Sky" livestream on Twitch. The leakster also discusses the spoilers in the game system.

A Spoiler thread in the subreddit of "No Man's Sky" has previously been set up to prepare fans before the big launch. Daymeeuhn was able to bypass the thread's rules of adding spoiler tags, most likely because he is a credible source of spoilers, and actually owns a legitimate copy of the game. Daymeeuhn's stream showcases several looks into the game and its details, such as Black Holes, Atlas Stations and Atlaspasses, among others.

Meanwhile, Sean Murray, managing director of Hello Games, requested "No Man's Sky" fans not to look into the spoilers for their own benefit. He wrote on Twitter that they spent years to fill the game with surprises, and fans have also waited for such a long time, so it would be good for gamers not to spoil "No Man's Sky" for themselves.

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