'Metal Gear Solid 5' Latest News & Updates: Chapter 3 Confirmed? Kojima Strikes Again

By Anne Caballo , Updated Aug 10, 2016 06:10 AM EDT

Speculations have been around lately about "Metal Gear Solid 5" getting the most awaited closure.

Especially coming from those fans of Kojima but the development of "Metal Gear Solid 5" Chapter 3 is already happening. As Hideo Kojima, the game developer has started to relive the glory days with his most recent thoughts.

Kojima, who is known for teasing his fans, has recently been active in his Twitter account to point out some of the most well known rumours surrounding the Phantom Pain. And some fans have planned to research further about the data files of the game after its release to know more about "Metal Gear Solid 5."

According to Express UK, it has become a hobby for other fans that were curious to know the answers to the items found right after its launch, like with the Chapter 3 "PEACE" card. And it is said that it only means that there is going to be an official confirmation from Konami or a proof of a secret Phantom Pain DLC.

Hideo Kojima has been seen retweeting a cheeky picture from a fan who was making some of the most memorable costumes from the game. Showing an impressive image of a Cyborg Ninja outfit. With a caption that says, "Chapter 3 Confirmed. Venom Snake is Gray Fox."

Hideo Kojima also retweeted another picture of him standing under a sign with "PT" written to it. It follows the news of a "Metal Gear Solid 5: Definitive Ex" product being listed on Amazon last month were several sites have spotted it. It was then taken out immediately just after the spread of this news.

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