iPhone 7 Latest Rumors & Release Date: Apple Unveiling Flagship September 7?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 11, 2016 09:37 AM EDT

It will be Apple’s turn to create some noise with the Cupertino company expected to unravel the minimally upgraded iPhone 7.

The date of reckoning is expected to happen next month though there is no official word on the end of Apple on when that day in September will actually be. But multiple rumors are suggesting that the iPhone 7 will be officially unveiled on Sept. 7, right about the same time that the iPhone 6s came out in the open.

iPhone 7 on the seventh

From a marketing standpoint, seeing the iPhone 7 released on the 7th of September makes a lot of sense. It can be used as a promotional gimmick with the flagship sorely lacking in impressive features based on critics who have collected bits of information.

If true, this means the iPhone 7 is just about three weeks away from being revealed. But the next question now is do people care at all and how enthusiastic are people with its coming?

Minimal changes but same interest

There seems to more iterations on the physical end comprising the iPhone 7. As mentioned in previous reports, the 3.5 mm jack has been taken away, the home button will be smothered to address waterproofing issues and the upcoming model will be thinner.

Inside, it is expected to be armed with a powerful processor, a bumped up minimum and maximum storage capacity and boast of a dual-lens camera. For those who are not particular about looks, the upgrades from within could still be an interesting buying angle.

The sales may not be record-shattering but there will still be customers likely to get the iPhone 7. It may not be aesthetically striking with Apple reserving that next year for the iPhone 8.

Just the same, Apple die-hards are expected to get one. After all, it is still the latest iPhone from Apple and some prefer to get the present day model rather than wait a full year for the big one.

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