'Pokemon Go' Cheats, Tips, News & Update: This Trick Lets You Hold And Conquer Gyms Longer

By V Doctor , Updated Aug 14, 2016 11:05 AM EDT

Conquering gyms in "Pokemon Go" is one thing, but it also requires some strategy to maintain position on top of the gym. There are a number of tips that will help "Pokemon Go" players conquer gyms longer while helping their teams at the same time.

AttackoftheFanboy wrote that before taking over a gym in "Pokemon Go," trainers can put any of their Pokemon there. Other "Pokemon Go" players can then arrive and challenge these to conquer the gym. Usually, players will position their strongest Pokemon to defend the gym. In the process, they also lose the best Pokemon that may be required in defeating other gyms. Considering the gym location and anticipating the usual types of Pokemon that will be encountered can help determine the right type of Pokemon to place in gyms.

"Pokemon Go" players should find out which types of Pokemon their gym is generally exposed to, and position Pokemon that can counter these. Avoid putting Pokemon that have a particular weakness to Pokemon that frequent the area. "Pokemon Go" players will not always have the right Pokemon to defend their gym against other trainers, but they can improve their odds against common types of creatures. Another effective approach in "Pokemon Go" is to position Pokemon with the highest HP and CP, since these are the most difficult to defeat.

The Bitbag revealed that in the meantime, there is a new "Pokemon Go" exploit that can help trainers take control of gyms longer. According to Reddit user SilverKnight, there is a bug when a "Pokemon Go" player tries to fight a gym and the gym leader replaces the previous Pokemon with a stronger one. Consequently, the trainer who challenges the gym will not be able to do so in the next 10 minutes.

Also, players who battle the Pokemon in the gym that exit the location will receive an error after winning. As a result, the past gym leader will keep his position. Those who try to take over the gym will find their screen freezing, compelling them to restart "Pokemon Go." Niantic has reportedly already provided an update to fix the "Pokemon Go" bug.

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