'Pokemon GO' Tips & Tricks: Know How To Capture Pokemon Gym Easily!

By Anne Caballo , Updated Aug 18, 2016 06:54 AM EDT

In playing "Pokemon GO," you will encounter gyms on your place and it is quite intimidating you see the Pokemon in it. These tips will surely make you a good trainer and conquer gyms.

 In a video from Tech Insider YouTube channel, different tricks on how to conquer a gym are shown and tips on defending your gym that can apply. Some thinks that conquering a gym is a very tough battle to win, but with the right tips maybe you can. Here are the tips according to Life Hacker.

Choose Pokemon That Are Good In Attacks

If ever you want to attack, Snorlax, Lapras, Dragonite, Arcanine, Vaporeon and Exeggutor will be your best choice. These Pokemons have both the highest CP and defense in "Pokemon GO."

Choose Gyms That Are Not Prone To Attacks 

There are gyms that are usually the target and are usually busy being attacked every five minutes. Go for those gyms that will let you attack and conquer the gym.

Choose And Organize Pokemon That You Are Going To Use Before Battle 

Organize your chosen Pokemon according to their CP stat starting from the lowest. And also look after your Pokemon typing for some might be effective at some point.

Attack With Friends 

If you think that a gym is too tough and you cannot conquer it on your own, try attacking it together with other players with the same team as yours. Try to build a team with a balance of the different types of Pokemon for a sure win.

Have Your Best Pokemon Defender Guard Your Conquered Gym

The best Pokemon defenders are said to have the highest level of health as they can protect your gym longer. Top 3 best Pokemon defenders are Lapras, Poliwrath and Dragonite.

Have Your Best Pokemon Defender Out Of Battle

After successfully clearing out a gym, you have to place your best Pokemon defender immediately before someone else does. Your Pokemon defender should have a max health for it takes too long for them to heal so you better save your Pokemon defender for gyms.

After securing a gym, you should level up its prestige to have your other teammates place their best Pokemon defender in their too.

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