'Pokemon GO' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How To Get Movesets You Want

By Anne Caballo , Updated Aug 11, 2016 06:22 AM EDT

Choosing your perfect movesets in the game "Pokemon GO" will give you more damage and advantage during battles besides checking the Pokemon's combat powers and individual values. "Pokemon GO" players are still trying to figure out the movesets in the game are random. But now, they have some clues that could explain the random movesets in the game.

Based on a Reddit thread, many are still trying to figure out all the factors that could affect the movesets of a Pokemon. Players have note down some end products of the "Pokemon GO" system. One is that the height, wight, individual values and combat power of a Pokemon do not affect any assigned moves when that Pokemon evolves.

Since no one has figured out way of controlling the movesets in "Pokemon GO" yet, gamers will only get the best moves through hatching, breeding and evolving. Although it might be very tiring to wait, this is the only way if you are really into "Pokemon GO" gym battles.

Players have recently junked a so-called random evolution system on Eevees. Although evolving Pokemons are really random, players are claiming that they can control the evolution of Eevees through the naming Easter Eggs. It would really be a long debate as to whether this case works the same as the movesets of Pokemons as there many other Pokemons exist.

As for now, you can just keep on playing to increase your level and collect Pokemons with the best CPs and movesets in "Pokemon GO." You can use evolution calculators or make your own PokeStops for farming.

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