PlayStation Now Unveils Cloud Gaming; Offers 'Tomb Raider,' 'God of War,' 'Grand Theft Auto' and Other Classics

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Sep 08, 2016 01:00 AM EDT

PlayStation Now leaps into another consumer-friendly option by unveiling the cloud gaming service. Gamers who are into classics like "Tomb Raider," "God of War," the original "Grand Theft Auto" or even "Pac-Man" are now available.

Sony offers the PlayStation Now cloud gaming to appease PlayStation 4 console gamers who has no chance to play discs from predecessors. This limitation forces gamers to shelve their discs and purchase either PS4-specific or remakes to relive the experience.

PlayStation Now cloud gaming has flexibility similar to watching online video streaming. While streaming is one-way, cloud system accommodates interaction and playability of classic titles lost in PS4, as reported by CNet. Catch is, the gamer is required to have a decent internet connectivity in this set-up. Another requirement is either PS4 console to access the cloud or simply a Windows PC.

This cloud gaming service serves as a virtual library of over 400 hundred classic titles. Games in its array includes other best-sellers and originals like "Resident Evil" and "Assassin's Creed." All of these PS-early-versions titles are playable for monthly fee of $20 unlimited play-all-you-can. Renting individual games is another option for those who shy away from subscription.

Meanwhile, PlayStation Now cloud gaming offers 7-day free-to-play trial for skeptics. As if these are not enough, PS Now boasts 6 best-sellers to be added every month. Latest titles for Sept are Tomb Raider, Wrath of the White Witch, Mafia II, Civilization, Borderlands: Ultimate Edition and Heavy Rain.

Now for gamers who are not really sold out with the PS Now idea, it is inevitable to get back into the loop. Sony is relentless in remaking PS2 or PS3 games to eventually become PS4. It is now the gamers' choice to get into cloud gaming or literally own a disc by purchasing these copycats.

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