'Pokemon Go' Release Date, News & Update: Why Experts Say Rooted, Jailbroken Devices Ban CANNOT PREVENT Cheating Issues?

By Jennifer R. Irvin , Updated Sep 14, 2016 10:07 PM EDT

"Pokemon Go" is not going to support iOS jailbreaking to avoid the use of outside software, which could control or manipulate things like enlarging apps on the screen or changing the operating system of a phone. Based on reports, Niantic has announced the banning of rooted and jaibroken devices from playing the game.

In a Facebook post, the tech giant announced their plan to remove scrapers and bots from "Pokemon Go," and that jailbroken or rooted devices are not supported by the game. However, some gaming experts believe that this will not remove the cheating issues in the game. For one, players who want the IV Dragonite may use computer programs that could operate through an unrooted phone.

According to reports, Niantic wants to prevent players from hacking Pokemon Go Plus, a wearable device that is set to release next week.  While one Reddit user is not convinced that Jailbreak and XDA communities could come up with the idea, an accessory that can do several things that the company did not intend to do could be possible.

Nevertheless, a "Pokemon Go" ban on rooted and jailbroken devices seems an unwise move, given the fact that gamers will always find ways to break a specific product, like in the case of Sony's PlayStation Portable, The Bit Bag reported.

Meanwhile, "Pokemon Go's" latest version has added support for "Pokemon Go" Plus. According to reports, the wearable device will notify the players when a Pokemon is near, allowing the new Trainers to collect powerups from the PokeStops without using the phone or looking at the app.

"Pokemon Go's" latest update, which tries to remove the jailbroken devices from the game and bots, is also expected to eliminate other hacked ways of collecting pocket monsters. Although this is believed to have an impact on the game's user numbers, it also appears that Niantic is serious about its promise to ban cheaters, ENGadget reported.

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