Star Trek: Discovery' Update: CBS All Access & Netflix Release Date Moves to May; Fans Blame Crude Special Effects

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Sep 15, 2016 08:13 AM EDT

"Star Trek: Discovery" release date is suspended until May next year instead of original January. Creative team for the TV series cites quality issues for the unexpected hold up.

According to executive producers Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman, they don't want to launch half-baked series so sufficient time should be given to post-production elements. "Star Trek: Discovery" duo said that they evaluated the situation with TV network CBS. Both arrived at conclusion that extra months are needed. They also called the TV series as deserving of "very best" so January date was now off.

CBS All Access will now deliver "Star Trek: Discovery" in May 2017 without any tentative date. There will be premiere on CBS TV Network and distribution to 188 countries will follow immediately via Netflix. In Canada, fans can catch USS Discovery through Bell Media, according to official Star Trek announcement.

Now for fans that worry about changes from the plot announced in July, CBS confirms that the screenplay remains intact. Though adjustments for USS Discovery crew is possible because casting is still ongoing.

Also, it is not clear if the main protagonist will still be a female space ship commander or will change to follow the tradition of male captains. To clarify, fans should not confuse "Star Trek: Discovery" with previous TV series because it will not share the same timeline with Captain Kirk's USS Enterprise.

Meanwhile, observers point to crude special effects during the trailer presentation as one of the reason that creative team needs time to tweak "Star Trek: Discovery." According to The Verge, Fuller and Kurtzman refer to "space-based physical and post-production demand" as top reason for rescheduling.

Because of vacuum that "Star Trek: Discovery" left at CBS time slots, "The Good Wife" will step in. This series is originally scheduled for May but will now move ahead to February.

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