Star Trek: Discovery' Update: CBS All Access & Netflix Release Date Moves to May; Fans Blame Crude Special Effects

Star Trek: Discovery' Update: CBS All Access & Netflix Release Date Moves to May; Fans Blame Crude Special Effects

"Star Trek: Discovery" release date is suspended until May next year instead of original January. Creative team for the TV series cites quality issues for the unexpected hold up.

by Regin Olimberio

Star Trek: Judgement Rites

Classic 'Star Trek' Adventure Games Premiere On Dowload '25th Anniversary' & 'Judgement Rites' Today

Two classic Star Trek games (and one not so classic) have just premiered on, as part of a new partnership with Interplay that will see lots more Trek games in the coming months.

by Alex Riviello

Leonard Nimoy

RIP Spock: A Look At Leonard Nimoy’s Video Game Appearances, From 'Seaman' To 'Civilization IV' [VIDEOS]

Leonary Nimoy died this morning at his home in LA at the age of 83, and the geek world has been left shattered. We take a look back at our favorite Leonard Nimoy appearances in video games. Live long and prosper, sir.

by Alex Riviello

Star Trek: Alien Domain

Need More Star Trek? Why Not Join The Star Trek: Alien Domain Beta? New Free Web Browser Strategy Title Needs You

GameSamba has announced the start of the closed beta for their Star Trek: Alien Domain, a new free-to-play web browser strategy title set in the expansive Star Trek universe.

by Steve Buja

New York Comic Con

NYCC Beams Up The Main Cast Of Star Trek: The Next Generation For Autographs

Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis and many others will be present at NYCC for autograph signings this year.

by Steve Buja

USS Enterprise Indiegogo

Tiny Town Is Preparing Warp-Drive Research, Estimated Cost: $1.1 Trillion

A tiny Canadian town launched a crowdfunding campaign to build a life-size, working model of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek. The town, tucked away in the Canadian badlands, has big ambitions but are a far ways from their hefty funding goal.

by Barry Eitel

Star Trek: The Next Generation

A 'Star Trek' Transporter? Scientists Teleport Particles A Short Distance

It's not just science fiction anymore. Today, physicists successfully teleported quantum information a short distance, paving the road for future technology, such as transporter beams.

by Steve Buja

Star Trek Online

Season 9: A New Accord Update Now Live for Star Trek Online

Players continue the story from the "A Step Between Stars" episode starring Tim Russ. Complete patch notes and list of changes inside.

by Luke Caulfield

Star Trek Voyager

Oculus Rift Star Trek Voyager Demo Lets You Explore the Iconic Bridge With the Unreal Engine 4

Who needs a holodeck? Strap on an Oculus Rift and explore the Voyager.

by Alex Riviello

Love your species

Star Trek Dating Websites Help Trekkies Find Love

Interest-specific dating sites take Trekkies on a warp-speed quest to find that special someone. Insert Star Trek pun here.

by Brittany Gehrett

Justice League

Man of Steel Could Decide Justice League’s Fate: Star Trek Writer

Still no confirmation on a Justice League movie. Here's one way the movie could be made.

by Prarthito Maity

Star Trek Promo

Star Trek: The Best Video Games So Far

These games in the famed sci-fi series would make Gene Roddenberry proud. Just don't play the latest licensed monstrosity.

by Ural Garrett

Star Trek: The Video Game

Star Trek: The Video Game Review Round Up: Truly a Journey Into Darkness

According to reviews, even trying to play this game is highly illogical. The epitome of a mediocre third-person shooter.

by Luke Caulfield

Shatner V Gorn

'Star Trek: The Video Game': Shatner VS The Gorn: The Rematch [TRAILER]

'Star Trek: The Video Game' pays homage to the original TV show in this clip. Also, William Shatner acts at the same level he did long ago.

by Luke Caulfield

'Star Trek: The Video Game'

'Star Trek' Video Game Re-Imagines The Gorn [TRAILER]

'Star Trek' brings back the Gorn from the original Trek television series. Where are the Tribbles?

by Luke Caulfield

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