‘Civilization 6’ Latest News, Release Date & Update: Too Violent For Kids To Play?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 15, 2016 08:19 PM EDT

“Civilization 6” is set to come out this Oct. 21, the latest game that will allow players to put up empires all the way through the information age. Folks who have grown up to play the game are aware of the features included in the game but the upcoming version may not be suitable for children.

The word out is that “Civilization 6” got an E-10 rating meaning the game can only be played by individuals who are at least 10-years-old. The reason behind the rating was allegedly due to the drug language and reference as well as violence which are deemed unsuitable for children.

Did Sid Meier overdo it for 'Civilization 6?'

There were gamers apparently looking forward to the game by Sid Meier though no one expected it to be that offensive. While the programming cannot be entirely to blame, “Civilization 6” was likely modeled to what is really going around in the real world.

That includes real-time issues that involve adultery, rape, and prostitution though game developers may have done something else and consider the young players who want a piece of the action for "Civilization 6." But the kicker seems to be in the drug-related twist the game carries, something that ESRB is likely hitting on.

Who are the main stars in 'Civilization 6?'

While that angle should serve as fair warning, it is best to move on and look at what “Civilization 6” will bring. Among the new characters that players will get the chance to control include “King Harald Hardrada”, “Great Viking”, and the “Mvemba a Nzinga”.

While using them and seeing how they can dominate will be interesting, “Civilization 6” will reportedly be different from past versions. That includes tweaks to the buildings and characters in-game, meaning players will have to feel their way to the game to get the hang of it.

With such promising changes, it would be a shame to see it limited to players aged 10 and above. Either way, that will not stop “Civilization 6” from coming out on Oct. 21. Check out the trailer below on what to expect for the upcoming game.


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