PlayStation Virtual Reality Featured In The Tokyo Game Show 2016: Everything We Need To Know!

By Ikie W Abarquez , Updated Sep 15, 2016 10:53 PM EDT

"Virtual Reality" is the center of attention in the Tokyo Game Show. The PlayStation VR of Sony Interactive Entertainment which is to debut next month was showcased in the annual exhibition.

According to PHYS.ORG, there are a lot of devices included in the exhibition. The show allows players to ride spots cars, and explore castles. The players also enjoy fantasizing in flirting with virtual females. This is because of the "Virtual Reality" technology.

'Summer Lesson' is one of the offering from the "Virtual Reality" technology. The user gets to chat with a soft-spoken beauty. Jun Tamaoki, a developer of the software by Japanese toy and the game giant Bandai Namco shared that the one thing about "Summer Lesson" that they cared about is to create a character that is really there. Tamaoki also believes that with the "Virtual Reality" the gamers can improve their skills in communication.

Meanwhile, "Summer Lesson" can be played on the "PSVR" but there are no male characters to interact with. This latest offering of Sony has a price tag of $399. It is said to be cheaper than any other rivals.

According to abc News, the Tokyo Game Show 2016 featured 614 companies that demonstrated 1,500 game software tiltes. PlayStation "VR" is one of the gaming consoles that are best for the future.

Yasuo Takahashi, President of Sony Interactive Entertainment shared that all this time games are played on TV sets. Players can actually enter the world in the games by using the "Virtual Reality." He also stressed out that "VR's" can also be played using a cell phone. This means that "VR's" will be a widespread gaming device and will go beyond genres.

The "VR's" application can vary from job-training to real estate previews. It can even be used in news reporting and education. However, "VR" is expected to start with games first. "Virtual Reality" is the future for gaming.

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