'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Updates: Niantic's Updates A Strategic Approach? New Contents Lift Up Title Again

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Oct 15, 2016 12:58 AM EDT

"Pokemon Go" has further launched updates during the previous days and weeks, in which fans are urged to fully take note of. As it was talked about in the past, the latest features could potentially bring about what fans have been waiting for, given that the game has suffered heavily recently.

It is an arguable fact that "Pokemon Go" did not fare too well in terms of their tracking mechanisms. There are those who have stuck around for the game's being despite the lack of other content, whereas some have abandoned the game. This, however, may change with Niantic's brilliant idea and proposition.

According to the official "Pokemon Go" website, recent improvements in the Gym Training session was done to make sure that there will be a certain degree of balance when training. Not only does the update utilize a more sensible leveling, but also permits up to six Pokemon to battle compared to the usual one.

Recently, Game Spot reported that "Pokemon Go" gave teases of a multiplayer battle mode in the past and seemingly is a concrete plan for the time being. Strategically, it was said that Niantic intentionally did not want to release the feature alongside everything else simply because they did not want to confuse players with multiple attributes all at once. Despite the need for bug fixes, audio patches and tracking discrepancies, "Pokemon Go" has stayed on top of its game with an averaged 500 million downloads to date and counting.

After the Buddy System, it was apparent that the fan base started to relieve itself once more, pulling the numbers up once again. More so when further updates came forth and corrected both in the noticeable and discreet ways. "Pokemon Go" recently gave the update for the Android, namely the 0.41.2 version and 1.11.2 for the iOS devices. Stay locked for further news on Niantic's chart-topping augmented reality game.

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