SAG-AFTRA Video Game Voice Actors Strike Set! Different Developer Companies Affected?

By Rehn de Guia , Updated Oct 20, 2016 11:30 AM EDT

After years of negotiation, SAG-AFTRA's video game voice actors still agree with the scheduled strike this Friday. The said assembly is meant for different companies and organizations to hear their appeal.

SAG-AFTRA's Strike Already Set!

The Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, also known as SAG-AFTRA, plans to strike on Oct. 21 when they still fail to get a fair contract from for video game voice actors. According to Yahoo, one of the voice actors said that their number one problem is the residuals. He also said that "this is the only billion dollar industry where actors are paid no residuals."

In was reported that SAG-AFTRA's video game voice actors are asking for their royalty payments for the games that are being sold with more than 2 million copies. Also, they are requesting for their stunt pay to compensate the vocally stressful recording days they had. It was also on their wish list that each actor must be entitled to know at least video game's name beforehand.

Different Game Developer Companies Affected!

The SAG-AFTRA's video game voice actors will push through against the projects that were made after February 17, 2016. This only means that there are some major projects that will be affected.

Game Spot reported that there are 11 different game developers taht will be deeply hurt by the video game actors' assembly. These companies are said to be Activision, Take-Two, WB Games, VoiceWorks, Disney Character Voices Production,Formosa Interactive, Insomniac Games, Electronic Arts, and Corps of Discovery Films.

On the other hand, the video game industry answered the SAG-AFTRA's voice actors. Through Scott J. Witlin, the legal representative of the industry, the commerce said they have arranged details sincerely. Also, they noted that they are very disappointed with the said strike announcement that video game voice actors planned.

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