Nintendo Switch Latest News & Update: Nintendo Patents Reveal Key Features; Touchscreen, Mini-Projector, Sensors, Accelerometer?

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Oct 24, 2016 09:27 PM EDT

Nintendo Switch made two points clear during reveal of this newest addendum to the gaming console industry. First, they will be in and announcement hiatus until next year and second, there are still several details to be revealed.

These two premises made gamers act on their own and scrub any sources for additional details about Nintendo Switch. Luckily, quick-witted gamers peeked through Nintendo's recent patents application and deduced that this might be an information mine. It is not easy to pry for Nintendo Switch details especially from a company as secretive as the Japanese tech giant. So in order to arrive into conclusions, a little logical sense is needed.

First things first, filing of a patent or several patents doesn't necessarily reflect that the final outcome of Nintendo Switch will incorporate them all. IGN reported that there are some that might be scrapped in the end while other patents were saved for later tech. For example, when gamers thought of a console with built-in monitor and detachable controllers, all turned out in the reveal. So are the games coming in through cartridge system.

Meanwhile, Ars Technica also cited several potential Nintendo Switch features like infrared receiver to accommodate pointers. They also noticed an extra space in the side button which gamers now suspect as additional port for multiplayer feature. Some fans also noted side switches and are now pondering what could be their purpose.

Now here is the fun part about this guessing game, will there be touch screen functionality, microphone, accelerometer, camera or sensors? Some even suggest mini-projector based on Nintendo Switch manufacturer's available patents. Again, most of these features are hardly discernable in Nintendo reveal video so these are fifty-fifty shots.

Now here is another center of debate among Nintendo Switch expectants. The company promised that Switch can be played either at home or anywhere else - ultraportable, yes? If so, how tiny should the processing unit go to allow functional on-the-go feature; and where will it be attached?

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