‘Uncharted’ Latest News & Update: Naughty Dog Adds PlayStation 4 Pro HDR Support, Update & Bugs Fixed

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Nov 04, 2016 06:27 AM EDT

Three main updates were deployed in the latest patch for Naughty Dog's title "Uncharted." The title is en route to upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro now that patch 1.15.041 is available.

What PlayStation 4 Pro boasts is High Dynamic Range display capability that can run at 60fps while there is a flexibility option for those who will choose 4K at 30fps. Naughty Dog gave "Uncharted" a facelift by adding HDR support, matched with improved quality of stereo audio.

Also, there are several changes in the gameplay as beta test for Classic mode continues. This test started on Thursday, Nov 3rd and will continue through the weekend but gamers need not fret because Naughty Dog scheduled the second round of tests on Nov 11th. Consider this next outing as expanded version of beta testing because other variations of Classic mode will be made available, the official Naughty Dog site reported.

There are several bugs in "Uncharted" that greatly affect the gameplay. Naughty Dog ensured that they addressed these issues in patch 1.15.041. Notable among these is the tendency to loose purchased mystical when players switch loadouts. The same problem occurs in Shield of Asgard mystical that cancels upon activation when a player attempts to melee.

Remember bumping into your teammate's camera when he is in aim mode, causing him to lose focus? Forget this bug because "Uncharted" patch 1.15.041 fixed it already, according to PlayStation Lifestyle. So are the complaints of uneven teams when starting Deathmatch and Command matches.

Now here are some really annoying bugs in "Uncharted" cinema mode that caused players to lose precious time. When a player rewinds several times, tendency is to come across a permanent black screen. Try to replay and the same black screen problem occurs, so is when there is a late joiner. Naughty Dog said that this black screen was caused by cinema file themselves so patch 1.15.041 would simply erase the old file and replace them with new version.

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