'Diablo III' News & Updates: Look Who's Coming Back! Nostalgia Overcomes Blizzard Game on 2017

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Nov 07, 2016 06:00 AM EST

"Diablo III" has been around for a notable number of years now and as the days' pass, new content and features make the game even better. For those who were loyal to the entire franchise, one familiar name has washed ashore but may be a stranger all throughout.

Blizzard Entertainment's "Diablo III" has stayed on the good side of fans since it came out, and with contents promised to grace the classic game on a consistent basis, the popularity simply keeps going. Recently, the announcement of recreating the original "Diablo" game into the third installment has graced community, but there seems to be someone a bit more controversial that came about.

According to Forbes, the Necromancer was teased and now a confirmed character in "Diablo III," one which fans can recall on being part of the "Diablo II." This also goes for "Heroes of the Storm," though the more important thing to remember is that this is no longer the same character from the aforementioned, and carries a whole new look with it.

It is said that the "Diablo III" Necromancer class will use a scythe as their primary weapon designated for their class, without any specifications yet on what the other legendary items and sets will hold. Simply enough, the Necromancer is to utilize black magic and will be part of a character pack that will be launched next year. The said pack will have both male and female versions, an in-game pet, two new stash tabs for the PC, a couple more character slots, as well as a portrait frame, sigil and banner respectively.

Not everything is about the Necromancer in "Diablo III," as one of the most intriguing and perhaps nostalgic starts for the year is being able to play the "Diablo" game in the third title for free. Apart from what was already detailed, Blizzard is eyeing to put a new Armory system in the said game, with the advantage of having different load-outs with various items, powers, skills and passives.

No release date, price and additional leaks have been known around the update of "Diablo III" just yet. That being said, stay locked for more news and updates here at GamenGuide.

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