'Stranger Things' Season 2 Air Date, Spoiler, News & Update: Sean Astin, Paul Reiser New Cast Members; Eleven Confirmed To Return?

By Jason Glenn , Updated Nov 08, 2016 06:19 AM EST

Netflix's "Stanger Things" Season 2 is now in pre-production. The entire cast had their first table read for this season, which included the new characters of "Power Rangers" fame, Darce Montgomery and Sadie Sinks. Montgomery and Sinks will play siblings this season.

The official twitter page of "Stranger Things" Season 2 uploaded an upside down photo of their table read, which parallels the Upside Down in the Netflix series. "Back in production see you next year #strangerthings," the photo was captioned, aptly in upside down text, too.

The photo was also confirmation of the return of Bobbie Millie Browns' beloved character, Eleven, in "Stranger Things" Season 2. At the end of season 1, Eleven was fighting one of the monsters from the Upside Down to protect her friends Will, Dustin and Lucas. However she vanished into thin air after defeating the monster, leaving fans very unsettled on whether she'll be back for "Stranger Things" Season 2.

Entertainment Tonight reports that "Stranger Things" Season 2 will begin in a time jump -- a year after the horrific events occurred in Hawkins, Indiana. "The scope feels bigger this year," said Charlie Heaton who played Jonathan Byers.

Aside from the addition of Darce Montgomery and Sadie Sinks, other actors have also been confirmed to join the cast of "Stranger Things" Season 2. Linnea Berthelsen, a Danish actress, has been confirmed to play Roman.

Roman has slight similarities as Eleven's character in "Stranger Things Season 2," which Entertainment Weekly quoted as "an emotionally damaged, magnetic young woman who suffered a great loss as a child." For some reason, she's also connected to the paranormal occurrences at the lab, even though she doesn't even live in the Indiana town.

Another addition to the "Stranger Things" Season 2 cast is Sean Astin from "Lord of the Rings," who will play Bobby Newby, an old classmate of Joyce Byers and Sheriff Hopper in high school. Paul Reiser will also be joining the cast as Dr. Owens in "Stranger Things" Season 2.

According to Variety, Dr. Owens is an important person in the Department of Energy, who is assigned to the Hawkins incident and the connection of the Will Byers kidnapping. "Stranger Things" Season 2 is set to air in 2017 on Netflix.

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