‘Final Fantasy 15’ Release Date, News & Update: Special DLC, Pre-Order Bonus Items Unveiled; Square Enix To Release Mobile Version

By RG Ferrer , Updated Nov 08, 2016 06:00 AM EST

Exciting things and special bonuses are in store for avid "Final Fantasy" gamers who plan to pre-order the upcoming game "Final Fantasy 15." Meanwhile, Square Enix is also looking to develop a mobile version of the said gaming title.

"Final Fantasy 15" DLC items and gaming bundles are currently available for purchase that offers different pre-order bonuses depending on the retailer. A compilation of the pre-order DLC items and its video teasers were posted on Dual Shockers that detailed the special bonuses that players can get from each pack.

With the game's Deluxe and Ultimate Editions, "Final Fantasy" fans can get several items such as the Masamune weapon, a "Platinum Leviathan" re-color option for the game protagonists' car Regalia, as well as a "Royal Raiment" attire for the game character Noctis.

The "Final Fantasy 15" Ultimate Edition also includes an in-game camera kit, a gourmand set with two rare ingredients, a travel pack and more. Players who are looking to place advance orders through Sony and Microsoft's online stores can enjoy the Ultimate Edition's angler set, as well as a "16-Bit Buddies" Regalia skin option.

Meanwhile, several "Final Fantasy 15" DLC items are exclusively available through Amazon US and North America. Gamers who will pre-order the upcoming game will receive weapons such as the Gae Blog, Mage Masher and Blazefire Saber. For Amazon North America pre-orders, players can get a gold Chochobo Regalia skin.

Gamers can also receive a special "Cindymobile" Regalia skin for pre-orders placed through Square Enix's North America online store. For advance Microsoft orders, players can get a special Xbox One Noctis avatar.

In other news, "Final Fantasy 15" may soon have a massively multiplayer online (MMO) mobile version. Square Enix has partnered with the mobile gaming company MZ to develop an adventure-based MMO for mobile phones, according to Polygon.

Formerly known as Machine Zone, the said California-based company plans to use gaming elements from "Game of War: Fire Age" but with "Final Fantasy 15's" storyline and beloved characters. At this time, neither Square Enix nor MZ has disclosed its expected launch date for the said mobile game.

"Final Fantasy 15" has been set for release on Nov. 29 for Xbox One and PS4. Watch the game's "Omen" trailer below:

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