iOS 10 Jailbreak News & Updates: New Hacking Team Responsible; 'Pokemon Go' Users Will Like it, But Beware

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Nov 10, 2016 06:00 AM EST

The iOS 10 Jailbreak is one that many Apple patrons have waited on if not completely craved for. There may be a few things to consider along the way, though fans can put their trust in the said privilege accordingly.

As some may know, the iOS 10 Jailbreak somewhat took quite the time before surfacing. Since Jailbreaking is essentially a means of hacking, there may be certain conditions to account for. As seen in the past as well, one name that resounds massively is Chinese hacking team Pangu- though it was clarified that they are not responsible for such this time around.

According to recent reports, Apple users who are still under the locks of the iPad Touch 6 as well as the Pro can now breathe easy as the iOS 10 Jailbreak is apparent. It was said that it works well for the iPhone 5, all the way to the iPhone 7 Plus respectively. But things did not come as fluid as they did for the iPhone and iPad patrons, as there were some prohibitions made, but thanks to the Unlock-Jailbreak team, such feature now enables users to experience the advantage all throughout.

Perks-wise, the iOS 10 Jailbreak permits users to access Cydia's jailbreak store for one, as well as getting nifty tweaks and apps along the way. Moreover, for the ongoing trend of the augmented reality app "Pokemon Go," false GPS information or spoofing is one feat offered by the said jailbreak. This reveal can be good to some, though not entirely advisable as to avoid being banned from the game if traced.

Other than these aforementioned, the iOS 10 Jailbreak may be the answer to what many have always wanted to accomplish for their mobile devices. The new hacking team may also be putting the likes of Pangu and TaiG out of business, but fans are advised to also be cautious of the measures that could surface after said release. Stay posted for more news and updates here at GamenGuide.

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