'Fallout Shelter' Latest News & Updates: New Thanksgiving Patch Released, Find Out More Here!

By Joe Marsalis , Updated Nov 18, 2016 10:46 AM EST

For fans of the "Fallout" series still playing the mobile game "Fallout Shelter," you'll be happy with this new update to the game. Patch 1.9 brings about some notable new content, including some Thanksgiving-themed holiday stuff that you can do and get.

The November update for "Fallout Shelter" adds a new location and a bunch of new quests that go along with it. This is "The Cave," the description of which is only a "dark and mysterious" place, and it apparently brings along new regular and weekly faction quests, reports GameSpot.

The Thanksgiving downloadable content care of Patch 1.9 includes decorations and outfits for your shelter dwellers, as well as new stickers based on "Nuka-World"'s Bottle and Cappy. These additions around this time of year probably mean that Bethesda is also planning to do Christmas and New Year's-themed content updates for "Fallout Shelter," so you can expect those to drop probably next month.

The continued support for "Fallout Shelter," a mobile game among the roster of big PC and console games made by Bethesda, also prove that they're serious about the mobile platform. One of the factors that differentiate Bethesda from other mobile game developers and publishers is that it's more willing than some to offer a deep mobile experience.

Bethesda director Todd Howard, in an interview with GameSpot, said that the game is definitely not going to be their last for smartphones, which the company finds very viable. "Fallout Shelter" did, after all, make at least $5 million in its first two weeks, so the game's revenue as of now is most likely off the charts.

"Fallout Shelter" is available for free on Android, iOS, and PC. You can check out the full patch notes for Patch 1.9 on its Google Play page for all the new additions.

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