'Final Fantasy 15' Latest News & Update: Much Anticipated Day One Patch Technicalities Unplugged; More Details Here!

By Andrea Lou , Updated Nov 22, 2016 05:25 AM EST

Square Enix revealed the particulars of the much controversial "Final Fantasy 15" Day One patch. With the incorporation of cutscenes from the "Kingsglaive" movie and "Omen" trailer, a couple of updates and minor bug fixes, the said game patch will surely perk up the gaming experience of all players of the game.

With only seven days to go before the official release of one the most awaited games of the year, fans of role playing games and hard core games all over the world are very eager to experience first-hand the latest installment, which is  "Final Fantasy 15". The Crown update, as the "Final Fantasy 15" Day One patch is called, lets the gamer share and upload in-game pictures to Facebook and Twitter making it a hit in the social media community.

The expanded cutscenes from the "Kingsglaive" movie and "Omen" trailer "makes the story and timeline of events easier to follow and understand for new players," as quoted from Gamespot. A "Wait Mode" feature is also applicable. This allows the player to deliberately delay time in the game. A wide ray of collectible recipes within the game makes the "Final Fantasy 15" more amusing. The whole gaming experience is also revamped by sharpened visibility during the battle scenes and also refined camera options in action. A "Beast Whistle" is also added, which lures or attracts monsters to battle.

A Square Enix spokesperson told Eurogamer that "The Crown Update is the result of some additional time for development since mastering the full game. [It] provides a variety of updates, minor bug fixes and new features to greatly enhance the overall story and gameplay experience." The "Final Fantasy 15" Day One patch will be made public on Nov. 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There have been speculations on Twitter that the file is around 7.2 GB but no official statement has been released yet.  

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