'Final Fantasy XV' Release, Gameplay, Latest News & Update: Game Stores Are Selling Copies Before Official Release? Creator Warns Players For Spoilers

By LJ Joseph , Updated Nov 22, 2016 05:21 AM EST

SOUTH AMERICA - "Final Fantasy XV" copies are leaked across South America before its official release on November 29, 2016. Square Enix apologizes for the unauthorized distribution of "Final Fantasy XV" and warns players of spoilers spread online.

"Final Fantasy XV" Update: Players Get Copies From Unauthorized Distributors

GameSpot reports that "Final Fantasy XV" boxed edition copies are widely distributed illegally by video games stores across South America. Some of these stores are also located in Peru, Saudi Arabia and other parts of Europe. "Final Fantasy XV" should be released officially on November 29, 2016, but some players already managed to grab copies.

"Final Fantasy XV" Gameplay & Update: Game Spoilers Spread Online

Players who got the copies also spread numerous "Final Fantasy XV" streams and spoilers online. With this, the creator of the game, Square Enix, warns its players to watch out for the gameplay footage that can be leaked online. Watching these videos can destroy the players' anticipation for the "Final Fantasy XV."

According to Kotaku, though this situation is unavoidable, Square Enix apologizes to their fans. They will try their best to prevent unauthorized footage and spoilers from being posted and spread online.

The creators of "Final Fantasy XV" are also asking players who have obtained a boxed edition of the game from unauthorized distribution to not post spoilers and destroy other's anticipation. They are also asked to consider and respect others who are looking forward to its official release. In the official "Final Fantasy XV" Twitter account, Director Hajime Tabata added that as "Final Fantasy XV" official release date is fast approaching, they sincerely hope that players can enjoy it with a fresh state of mind.

"Final Fantasy XV" Latest News: New Extended Trailer Released

Square Enix released a new "Final Fantasy XV" extended trailer. However, some people advice "Final Fantasy XV" players to prevent watching the trailer because it shows too much of the game. "Final Fantasy XV" will also be updated to support PlayStation 4 Pro. Players can wait for the official release of the game on November 29, 2016, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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