Microsoft Windows 10 VR Release Date, News & Updates: Latest VR Update Will Run With Regular PCs

By Maine Lemorge , Updated Nov 23, 2016 03:19 AM EST

Microsoft is releasing a VR headset by 2017 and they shared their plans during the announcement of the Windows 10 creators update. The team at Microsoft announced that they are developing the Microsoft Windows 10 VR to bring VR to regular PC users. The headset will be PC-tethered and with its $299 price, it will be cheaper than their competition the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift.

The usual concern of the people is that VR headsets cost a lot and require high-end PC set-ups. The goal of the Microsoft Windows 10 VR is to make virtual reality possible for them by adjusting the hardware requirements for the Microsoft Windows 10 VR.

Users with the latest builds of the Windows 10 can check if their PCs are capable to run the Microsoft Windows 10 VR. The latest Windows 10 comes with the application called, "Windows Holographic First Run," and it's job is to check if your computer has the minimum hardware requirements to run the Microsoft Windows 10 VR.

PCWorld reported that the Windows Holographic First Run application will check if your PC has 4GB of RAM, DirectX12 Support for the graphics card, USB 3.0 Port, quad core processor or a dual-core that has hyper threading. With this modest set-up, users can already try out the Microsoft Windows 10 VR. There was no other official announcement though, so fans will just have to wait if these requirements are really all about the Microsoft Windows 10 VR.

Aside from the basic hardware requirements, there has been no announcement as to what applications can be run using the Microsoft Windows 10 VR. According to the Next Web, Alex Kipman, head of the HoloLens project, stated that their headsets will have a wide range or classes of experience. They lowered the hardware requirements and the price but, there is a difference if you want to play solitaire or Halo.

Knowing this information about Microsoft Windows 10 VR, fans should not expect this unit to run other serious PC Games. With the entry level requirements for the Microsoft Windows 10 VR, fans will be able to see the Microsoft VR headset in the mainstream market but it will most likely have basic games and applications.

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