'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Niantic Has Officially Released A New Nearby Tracker In Australia, Canada And West Coast United States

By Jason Glenn , Updated Nov 24, 2016 07:13 PM EST

After Niantic banned third-party apps in "Pokemon Go" in their previous updates, Pokemon trackers and joysticks shut down their software. There have now been reports that a new Pokemon nearby tracker for "Pokemon Go" players has been deployed to Australia, some parts of the west coast in the United States and some parts of Canada.

This time, the tracker is officially released by Niantic as a pre-update to the nearby tracker feature of the "Pokemon Go" mobile game. "After reviewing your feedback, we have made some changes to the Nearby feature we were originally testing in San Francisco, California," said Niantic in their official website.

Players from Minnesota, California and all states along the Mississippi River except Hawaii and Alaska has been experiencing the test. In Canada, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and half of west Ontario has also been experiencing the pre-update of the nearby tracker of the "Pokemon Go" from Niantic as well as the entire continent in Australia.

The pre-update nearby tracker uses the PokeStops to determine where a Pokemon can be located in "Pokemon Go". In the nearby tracker, together with the image if the Pokemon, the PokeStop will show up and the trainers can tap on the tracker to determine the PokeStop highlighted to their map.

Therefore, the new tracker system by Niantic can only be fully utilized if a player's area has an abundance of PokeStops in the "Pokemon Go" map. The game system will immediately return to its generic sightings window which has been used in the game ever since the original tracker was impaired according to WWG.

All the participants of the "Pokemon Go" pre- update will be sending their feedbacks trough Niantic's official social media accounts to determine whether it is effective or not before it is released to the rest of the world. Stay tuned here on GameNGuide if your country will be next in participating the pre-update.

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