‘Scream’ Season 3 Cancellation News: Series Getting Axed After This Season; Why Fans Are Screaming For More? Plot Details, Latest Updates Revealed

By Monica M. , Updated Nov 24, 2016 11:00 AM EST

The TV series "Scream" has been plagued with cancellation ever since season 2 ended. And while fans are clamoring the network to keep the TV show on. All signs are pointing to the fact that "Scream" Season 3 will be getting axed after this season.

It has been long speculated that when MTV announced that "Scream" was getting a two hour Halloween episode to tie up loose ends left from the season 2 that the show will return anymore. It is highly unusual for a show to get a TV special without any announcement of a full season return at all. It was beginning to look like a farewell for the show and this signaled the start of fans clamoring the network to renew "Scream" Season 3.

That probably did the trick as the show announced that "Scream" Season 3 would be returning. The only catch is the episodes would be sliced into half. Instead of a 12-episode season, fans would only get six. And for those who are used to show's getting canceled abruptly, this really means bad news for the show. The fact remains that the show tried to do an obvious farewell episode, was late in announcing the third season, and finally announced a shortened season. All clues point out that the series won't make it past three.

What is sad is the fact that "Scream" Season 3 is actually a good TV series. Especially considering the fact that it stemmed from a campy movie series from the 90s. Barring the good original "Scream" movie, the next sequels were really more of disasters.

The TV series "Scream" actually had more real and complex characters than its movie counterparts, they tend to move away from clichés and horror movie tropes the movie series tended to gravitate towards. More importantly, viewers grew into the characters unlike the movie's use of one-dimensional personas. It's a tragedy that "Scream" Season 3 the TV series would be ending quite soon.

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