‘Final Fantasy 15’ Mini Guide is Square Enix Free Support in Your Journey; DO NOT Expect Spoilers on this One

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 26, 2016 09:02 PM EST

Square Enix has released a free mini guide to "Final Fantasy 15," but don't expect it to contain any spoilers. The guide significantly indicates how to make the journey easier by giving an overview of the game's controls and battle system.

Interestingly, the guide will feature different conditions to beginners and the ones that have played the game for the longest time. In "Final Fantasy 15" for example, beginners will start with the easy mode wherein, the enemies are more bearing and the wait time is increased 10 times.

Also, beginners can set the "Final Fantasy 15" game to Wait Mode in order to get ready for their next attack move. Take note that, pausing the action can only be done for a few sections, just enough for the player to decide on the next move. This who had a firm grasp of the action can leave the Wait Mode and proceed so.

The "Final Fantasy 15" mini guide is all about giving the players, the maximum gaming experience. It is said that, along with the miniguide are instructions on how to use the controls and the best possible way to launch specific attacks in "Final Fantasy 15".

Fans who wish to see the complete guide to "Final Fantasy 15" can read the 22-page PDF file from Square Enix here. The first part of the guide tells the character progression and how players can delve to it. To do this, player must prove his Experience, Ascension and Skills in the game to continue to the next level.

The "Final Fantasy 15" game will be available on the Xbox One and PS4 on November 29, 2016. For more news and details about the game, you can also check us here on GameNGuide. Also, for the latest guide on how to play the game, read on the PDF file linked above.

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