'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Why Chansey Is The Top Pokemon Gym Contender; Can The Fairy-Type Beat The Legendary Birds?

By Jason Glenn , Updated Nov 25, 2016 07:41 PM EST

In a recent announcement, Niantic confirmed that it will be downgrading and upgrading some of the Pokemon's combat powers in "Pokemon Go" in order to balance out the game's combat system. "Pokemon Go" players might want to consider choosing Chansey for Pokemon Gym battles because of her added CP as one of Niantic's purposes in developing variety to the game.

The fairy-healer, Chansey is one of the Pokemon that was affected in the update and was recently upgraded to a higher Combat Power in "Pokemon Go".Chansey was given a +157.08% combat power increase, which makes the nursing Pokemon one of the dominant contender in gym battles according to Otakukart.

Chansey has been the top choice for "Pokemon Go" trainers because she has now possesses stronger stamina with 500 points, attack with 60 points and defense with 179 all combined. Her maximum combat power has also risen up to 1469 points that even Dragonites are having a hard time defeating the normal-type Pokemon.

"Chansey is an amazing defender now. There's only a narrow band of pokemon that can effectively kill it quick enough to not run the risk of timing out.", said a "Pokemon Go" player from Reddit. "Putting a Chansey at the lower level of a gym is going to be an amazing wall," GenkaiX1 continued.

However, Niantic will still be updating the combat powers of the Pokemon in order for a Mewtwo to beat Chansey's stats. Chansey is even reported to have stronger stats than the legendary Pokemon birds, Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos including Mew in "Pokemon Go".

Chansey is one of the rare Pokemon available in "Pokemon Go" and is reported to be only found in hospitals. In the coming "Pokemon Go" Generation 2 update, Chansey's final evolution form Blissey and will also be expected as a top choice in Pokemon Gym battles that will be available soon.

There are still no details when the Generation 2 update will be coming to the "Pokemon Go" players since currently Naintic are still focusing on the ongoing Thanksgiving Event. Be sure to check back here on GameNGuide for more "Pokemon Go" tips.

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