'Final Fantasy XV' Latest News & Updates: Tips And Tricks To Survive

By Maine Lemorge , Updated Nov 30, 2016 05:11 PM EST

Fans of the recently released game "Final Fantasy XV," are now busy trying to beat the game right now. But, if you are one of the few people who just enjoy playing games without the pressure of beating high scores, you might be interested in some of these tips to get a full experience of the game.

Remember that "Final Fantasy XV" is set in an open world. If you enjoy looking at sights and all the amazing graphics, the road trip and sidequests will definitely catch your attention. Don't forget though that not all the quests are worth doing. Some of them are only there for some fun and money-making but only a few will contribute to the main storyline. For gamers, it's best to choose your side quests properly.

Before you start going into battles, you must know that the battles and combats of "Final Fantasy XV" is quite different from predecessors. Its battles are much closer to an action game feel thus, it is vital that you learn certain abilities first like Ignis' healing abilities and other AP-granting abilities.

It is imperative that you get to learn how to block and also transition by targeting specific body parts of your enemies. You can still pause a "Final Fantasy XV" battle if you need to use an item but, as the battle progresses, you will soon see that it is more dynamic than its older versions. Also, depending on the strength of your enemy, you must have an upgraded weapon at all times.

Money is quite hard to come by in "Final Fantasy XV" so be sure to save up! Some items must be bought though like the Final Fantasy CDS in the outposts and other upgrade needs but, it will all be worth it.

You can save money by trying to hop around instead of renting a chocobo. It also pays to stay in affordable motels or RVs since it can actually give you double experience points or bonuses.

A final tip for "Final Fantasy XV" gamers is that, use your magic wisely. At the start of the game you will notice that magic sources are easy to find. But, as the game progresses, you will find more uses for it and refills will now be as easy. It's recommended to be wise about your casting.

"Final Fantasy XV" has already been out for two days and already people are posting about thei amazing experience. Other have already posted about epic boss battles and quests, so stay tuned to Gamenguide so you can receive more updates about it.

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