‘Power Rangers' Movie Release Date, News & Update: Alpha 5 New Look In The Upcoming Movie

By Gloven Ramos , Updated Nov 30, 2016 05:20 PM EST

One of the "Power Rangers" iconic character since is Alpha 5. Now that a new movie will release on March 24, 2017, Alpha 5 get a new look that will shock every viewer.

The new look of Zordon  and he Power Rangers' robot assistant, Alpha 5, has a more modern feel. It uses darker colors of the familiar red and blue of the original design.

IGN has revealed the new concept art for "Power Rangers" movie Alpha 5. Zordon and the Power Rangers easily panicked, but the trusty robotic sidekick Alpha 5 is in the show.

The character Alpha 5 was used to known as a robot, but this time is different. Alpha 5 in the 2017 "Power Rangers" movie is an actual alien instead. Complete with bizarre tentacle eyes and similarly textured armor to the suits the Rangers wear when they're morphed up, a mix of organic and inorganic parts.

Some traditional and iconic elements of the original "Mighty Morphin" design are kept. Like the saucer flat shaped helmet and the red and blue color scheme. This might be the "Power Rangers" movie weirdest take on a design from the show yet.

In "Power Rangers" movie, Alpha 5 is being voiced by "Saturday Night Live" actor Bill Hader. This means that there will be some comedy associated with the robot, now is an alien. Alpha 5 behavior seems to have no changes from its original version, cheerful and talkative, the characteristic they want to achieve by using a comedian voice actor.

We have seen the "Power Rangers" movie characters' costumes, their Zords, their Power Coin, Rita Repulsa and now Alpha 5. Now, it looks like we will have to wait to see Zordon's new look.

News reports says that the "Breaking Bad" actor would be playing the floating head in the "Power Rangers" movie. Fans are eager to see how the movie's overall design affects Zordon's adaptation.

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