PlayStation VR Latest News & Update: PSVR Sales Projection Corrected, Lands at 30% From Original

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Nov 30, 2016 07:52 PM EST

PlayStation VR took a dip from previous 2016 sales forecast by huge margin but Sony is still happy that it could end up with decent figure - no big bang though. While Sony boasted in the past that PSVR could reap as much as 2.6 million units sold before 2017 steps in, it is realistic that it could land at 750,000 instead.

SuperData Research pitched their expertise on the table and made a revised forecast about potential PlayStation VR sales for entire 2016. This 750,000 figure encompasses the entire 2016, including the remainder of this month December. Simply put, the exact figure of 2,602,370 units that Sony is targeting can't be achieved. SuperData stressed that performance estimates from previous months are simply bloated numbers.

SuperData points toward fragmented array of game titles available for PlayStation VR, if not most of the are financially forbidding. Also, gamers shouldn't forget that Sony tried to back down a bit and slowed down in their marketing efforts. Both factors result to gamers thinking twice about PlayStation VR purchase.

Meanwhile, PlayStation VR rivals Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are both experiencing sales dip too. While both have conservative forecasts that remain unchanged, they are still trailing behind PSVR. Oculus Rift sold more that 355,000 units as of press time while HTC Vive sold 429,000 units.

Stepping back a bit in this PlayStation VR setback, our previous GameNGuide review narrated the reasons for lukewarm reception that virtual reality headsets suffered. Lining up on top of these hindrances is the fact that there are few topnotch VR titles currently. Whether developers are still leaning toward traditional video gaming or not, it is obvious that PSVR time hasn't come yet.

It can be argued that new technology is enticing but this is simply not the case with PlayStation VR. Compare it to a musical gadget desperately trying to scrub for songs because of very limited number of musicians out there.

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