‘Pokemon' Live Action Movie Release Dates, News & Updates: Rob Letterman To Direct Live Action ‘Pokemon’ Movie, 'Detective Pikachu'

By KILAT , Updated Dec 02, 2016 05:05 PM EST

Legendary Entertainment has placed Rob Lettterman in the director's seat of the new "Pokemon" live action movie "Detective Pikachu." The movie will be based on the "Great Detective Pikachu" video game. "Guardians Of The Galaxy's" Nicole Perlman and "Gravity Fall's" Alex Hirsch will write the script.

According to Cinemablend, "Detective Pikachu" will be distributed in Japan by Toho. Universal Studios will distribute "Detective Pikachu" in the United States and the rest of the world.

The "Detective Pikachu" director Rob Letterman is known for his family-friendly movies for more than a decade. His resume includes "Shark Tale", "Monsters Vs. Alien" and "Gulliver's Travels" with Jack Black.

Jack Black is back with Rob Letterman in his recent project with "Goosebumps." "Goosebumps" is a long-running child-friendly horror book series by R.L. Stein.

Other than the "Detective Pikachu" movie, Rob Letterman will be back to direct "Goosebumps 2." According to reports, he had been hired to direct a "Dungeons & Dragons" movie.

Rob Letterman will be getting inspiration for the live-action "Detective Pikachu" movie from the video game "Great Detective Pikachu" instead of the popular anime series "Pokemon." The "Great Detective Pikachu" game has yet to be released in the United States.

"Great Detective Pikachu" is a quipping, mega intelligent talking Pikachu. He dons a deerstalker hat and on the quest to solve Pokemon-related mysteries like Sherlock Holmes.

Pikachu goes on these mystery-solving adventures with a boy named Tim Goodman, This will be the basic idea of the "Detective Pikachu" movie. No movie plot has been officially disclosed.

"Detective Pikachu" is the first live-action rendition of the Pokemon franchise. The other movies, "Pokemon: The First Movie," released in 1999 had Mewtwo and Mew in the story and four others between 200 and 2003 were all animated and released direct-to-video in the U.S.

"Detective Pikachu" may be the "Pokemon" franchise's biggest cinematic venture. Legendary Entertainment is banking on "Pokemon's" popularity now.

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