'Final Fantasy XV' Guide, News & Update: 3 Things I Wish I Did in FFXV for Effective Strategy

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Dec 01, 2016 06:41 PM EST

First things first, "Final Fantasy XV" is similar yet completely different that previous iterations. For instance, previous versions sport the same thematic quality and tenor yet FFXV presents a different gameplay. While others are turn-based game, "Final Fantasy XV" ditched this system to favor real-time role playing. So without much ado, let us round up those important details before picking up that DualShock 4.

It is not mandatory but totally advised for would-be "Final Fantasy XV" players to watch the movie "Kingsglaive," or add up "Brotherhood" if they have spare time. While both movies don't really center on protagonist Noctis, at least they give ample glimpse about how things work in mythical world of "Final Fantasy XV."

Be warned that open-world stroll is very tempting in "Final Fantasy XV" so please slow down until breaching at least chapter 3. Consider that it is only when Noctis hits that chapter that he can rent a chocobo. These ostrich-like birds are very handy in roaming around and completing side quests. Of course, the primary gain for having chocobo is more organized and manageable "Final Fantasy XV" gameplay.

Warping Noctis all over the place is another tempting action for "Final Fantasy XV" players. Who wouldn't love hit-and-run effect and damage that Warp Strike could inflict? However, FFXV works more like a fighting game with meters on both MP and HP. Warp Strike is a huge MP drainer and leaking too much of it will cause Noctis to become a sitting duck that only an in-game elixir could heal. Kotaku's ethos for "Final Fantasy XV" is to use magic only casually.

Lastly, pay a room when you can and pitch a tent only when you are financially broken. While most "Final Fantasy XV" player argue that pitching tent doesn't cost a cent, remember that sleeping on a bed results to higher experience point. In fact, the priciest Altissia hotel in endgame gives thrice the experience earned.

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