'Final Fantasy 15’ Guide: How to Unlock the Special Doors in the Dungeons

By Allan , Updated Dec 06, 2016 06:00 PM EST

In "Final Fantasy 15", there are many dungeons with interesting doors found in the game. These dungeons are said to hold key items in the game that players will find very useful in their gameplay. However, the doors of the dungeons are locked in the entire story and players will have to find out themselves how to open it. So this article is all about guiding players how to open the special doors of the dungeon.

How to Open the Special Doors of Dungeons in "Final Fantasy 15"?

For a player to open the mysterious dungeon doors, they will have to complete "Final Fantasy 15", including all every single game chapters before the dungeon mission will start. Upon the activation of the quest, players will receive the Dungeon Seal Key which is the only item that can open all the dungeons in the game.

How to Start the Special Mission and Receive the Dungeon Seal Key?

To trigger the start of the special dungeon mission of "Final Fantasy 15", just go to Vesperpools and head east in the map and look for the place called Meldacia Hunter HQ. Speak with Ezma and players will instantly get the key and free to explore the contents of the dungeon. For those who are not familiar of her, she is the old lady usually sitting on the chair.

There are a total of 8 unexplored dungeon in "Final Fantasy 15" which are Fociaugh Hollow Dungeon and Greyshire Glacial Grotto Dungeon both at level 65, Balouve Mines Dungeon at level 78, Keycatrich Trench Dungeon at level 55, Daurell Caverns Dungeon at level 72, Steyliff Grove Dungeon at level 86, Crestholm Channels Dungeon at level 92, and the Costlemark Tower Dungeon at level 99.

There are other post game activities that players will discover in "Final Fantasy 15" aside from the dungeon mission.

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