'Final Fantasy XV’ Guide: How to Win Bets in Totomostro Monster Battle Arena

By Ara , Updated Dec 09, 2016 10:33 AM EST

One of the exciting mini games found in "Final Fantasy XV" is the Totomostro Monster Battle Arena. It is where players can place bid on monsters battling in the arena and win rare items when the monster they chose eliminates its opponent. So this guide aims to provide tips how to increase the chances of a player winning in the game.

Where to Find Totomostro Monster Battle Arena?

To access the Totomostro Monster Battle Arena in "Final Fantasy XV", players must have already reached halfway in the game's story and have access in Altissia. To get to the arena, just go back to Altissia and take the Gondola to travel to the light blue line. From there, follow the purple Gondola.

How to Win Bets in Totomostro Monster Battle Arena?

Now there is no 100% guaranteed way to win every game in the battle arena. This guide can only increase the chances of winning by interpreting the facts given to bettors. So when placing a bet, players must first check the odds of the combatant, their level, their condition and how much units they have to fight. Most of the time, the combatant that has more units will win the round. The only exception is if the level difference of both combatants is too big.

There are also team battles in the arena and in this fight, it's a little harder to determine who is likely to win. So the best way to increase the chances of winning in this round is to start small and watch the fight closely. Determine who the stronger team is before deciding on which team to bet on.

What Prizes Can Players Get from the Medals Earned?

There are many rare and useful items a player can get in exchange of the medals. From Diamond Bracelet, Magitek Generator to Precision Lance, there is a lot of prizes to choose from depending on the number of medals the player has. But if the purpose of the player is to convert the medals into cash, its best to use all the medals to Great Garula Tusk which sells to approximately 700 Gil each.


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