'Final Fantasy XV’ Guide: How to Earn 1 Million Gil in the Game

By Allan , Updated Dec 07, 2016 05:50 PM EST

As players go through each chapter in "Final Fantasy XV", it gets harder and harder to earn money. This means that players either have to work hard to earn money or buy cheaper items to save money. Good thing players of the game have discovered a way how to earn 1 million Gil quickly in the game. The money earned will be very useful especially when players head to the dungeon quests where they will need a lot of supplies before they go inside.

How to Make 1 Million Gil in "Final Fantasy XV"?

To make big money in "Final Fantasy XV", players just need to find the mini-game hidden in Altissia. In this mini-quest, Noctis and his team will be able to place a wager on the monsters as they battle till death. If the player wins, they receive medals that can be used to claim different rewards. One of the valuable rewards players can redeem is the Great Garula Tusk that costs 2,500 Gil. If players sell it, it will be for 700 Gil to the vendor just outside of the arena. And this will be the method where players can earn 1 Million Gil in the game.

Now this method will take a while but certainly not more than a day. With the right kind of strategy, players can earn as much as 1,000,000 medals in less than 2 hours which can turn into Gil by buying and selling the Tusk is 280,000 Gil. That means in 6 to 7 hours, players can earn the 1 Million Gil.

How to Win Bets in the Arena in "Final Fantasy XV"

First, players should purchase medals at 10 Gil each to use as bet money in the arena. And when placing bets, its best to be safe and study the odds, level, condition of each monster before betting. Usually the one with the most bet has better chances of winning unless the difference in level is too big. Also, consider starting to bet in small amounts and slowly increase the amount when the player finally gets the hang of it.

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