World VR Competition Now Available on Steam: Steam VR, VR titles Competition with Fun Multiplayer in Party, More Details Revealed

By R. Procy , Updated Dec 08, 2016 07:20 AM EST

Developed by the new kid in the block MT Worlds game developer and publisher, comes with its new game now available on Steam. Enter the "World VR Competition", a game composed eight mini-game events. Sword and Shield, Sniping, Javelin, Boxing, Skeet Shooting, Bottle Shooting, Dual Lightsaber, and Archery.

Gameplay in Sword and Shield and Boxing involves hitting the orbs before it comes near you. Also, for Star Wars fans out there, you can also have a delight practicing to become a Jedi. You can experience wielding a Dual Lightsaber as you hit the orbs also, which gives you the score. Accuracy is also tested with events in Sniping and Javelin hitting targets to the bull's eye. If you prefer targets that are moving, Skeet Shooting is perfect. Or if you are trigger happy, you can settle with Bottle Shooting.

The game is much enjoyable together with friends through local multiplayer. Go for gold, settle on silver or be at least bronze. Or you would rather beat your own high score in several events. You can even dominate other players online, as the title rather shows it is "World VR Competition" after all.
Customization of your avatar is also available to show player's personality; medal tally and headset swap timer are also implemented for all time fun together with friends.

VR Headsets that are compatible are the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, with its respective track motion controllers should be provided in order to experience the game. Since it is a VR title, it should be well enjoyed with a recommended specs. With at least a processor of Intel i5-4590, a memory of 8gb RAM, graphics processor of GTX 970 by Nvidia or if you're into the true red Radeon fan an R9 390.

"World VR Competition" is now available on Steam with a special promotion offer. As of now, it's 30% off that will end on December 14 of this year.

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