'Pokemon Go' Tips & Tricks: How to Find Rare Spawning Pokemon; Sightings Feature Still Available for Use in Rural Areas?

By Astrid Cho , Updated Dec 10, 2016 05:36 AM EST

The new "Pokemon Go" tracker has turned the gaming experience of some players into a chaotic ride. Fans have recently complained that it is now more difficult to find and capture rare spawning creatures. However, new cheats, tips, and tricks have emerged to help players achieve their goals.

Some fans have come up with "Pokemon Go" tips to help other players get a hang of the revamped tracker. According to the guides, players should first click on a certain Pokemon - the one that they are planning to catch. This step should be taken before moving towards a PokeStop where the said creature will be standing by.

One important thing to remember is that rare spawning Pokemon could easily despawn before a player reaches the PokeStop. Latest "Pokemon Go" tips recommend that players keep walking as this is the trick towards finding a rare spawning Pokemon faster. When the desired Pokemon is finally in sight, the player should start throwing Pokeballs right away. This will help ensure that the Pokemon will be captured before it disappears in sight.

Walking has always been the core foundation of "Pokemon Go." With the brand new tracker, stopping could mean losing the chance to catch a rare spawning Pokemon. "Pokemon Go" tips recommend that players keep their feet on the go until they reach the PokeStop that could deliver their next rare creature.

As for those who want to find out if the latest migration has affected certain "Pokemon Go" nests in their areas, The Silph Road may have a solution. The reputable "Pokemon Go" source has developed an international nest atlas that fans can use to check out if any migration changes have been applied in their areas.

Meanwhile, Kotaku has recently discovered that the "Sightings" system apparently still works for "Pokemon Go" players who reside in rural towns. According to the outlet, players in rural areas are the only lucky ones who still have the treasured feature that allows for a faster Pokemon-catching spree. On the other hand, the outlet notes that there are advantages and disadvantages to the "Sightings" feature.

For now, fans can only adapt to the new "Pokemon Go" tracker until Niantic Labs heeds to the call for improvements instead of changes that make the game harder to appreciate. Stay tuned for more "Pokemon Go" tips and tricks!

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