'The Flash' Season 3 Latest, Spoilers, New & Update: A Justice League Member Confirmed To Appear; Will Help Cisco Ramon Become Vibe

By Jason Glenn , Updated Dec 11, 2016 04:56 AM EST

"The Flash" Season 3 will bring out more superheroes from the DC comic universe, after the surprising events in the midseason finale where Barry Allen has to deal with the god-like speedster, Savitar and his right hand, Alchemy. Meanwhile, Star Lab's Cisco Ramon will be leaning more about his powers before he can be fully be known as the Vibe and this superhero from Justice League might help him in controlling his powers.

"There's gonna be a new visitor to our world named Gypsy. DC Comics fans will be familiar with Gypsy." "The Flash" Season 3 actor Carlos Valdez spilled some details at the CW's Fan Feast Q&A. "She's gonna be coming into our world and Vibe will definitely get to learn some new skills as part of getting to know her," Valdez continued according to Comic Book Resource.

The former Justice League and Birds of Prey member, Cindy Reynolds or known as her superhero counterpart, Gypsy will appear in the second half of "The Flash" Season 3. Gypsy has the power to telepath and does illusion castings that allow her to create chaos during fights, she can also create nightmare visions to the foe's mind.

Cisco Ramon's Vibe and Gypsy were introduced together with Steel in the comic series Justice League of America Annual #2 and the trio was created by Gerry Conway and Chuck Patton. Comic Book reports that there have been no details or confirmation on the actress that will be playing Gypsy nor which episode in the second half of "The Flash" Season 3 she will appear.

"The Flash" Season 3 is now on a break and will get to see more of Barry Allen, Cisco Ramon and the appearance of Gypsy when it returns on Jan. 24, 2017. Stay tune here on Gamenguide for more "The Flash" Season 3 news and updates.

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