‘Final Fantasy 15’ Latest News & Update: Gaming Tip To Get Powerful Balmung Sword

By RG Ferrer , Updated Dec 11, 2016 08:40 PM EST

"Final Fantasy 15" has a variety of armory items that game characters can use, however, gaining a strong weapon will be a big help during battles. In the sword category, the must-have weapon is a Balmung Sword and here are gaming tips on how players can acquire the said weapon.

The Balmung Sword is considered the strongest and most powerful sword in "Final Fantasy 15." Equipping the said weapon provides the game's protagonist with an 11-point MP boost. With an attack power of 446, wielding the said sword will damage an opponent's health status significantly.

However, getting the Balmung Sword will require gamers to complete the main campaign of "Final Fantasy 15." After finishing all chapters, players will then need to unlock and complete the secret dungeon quest, according to gaming tips posted on Gamers Heroes.

With the said quest's reward that includes the Dungeon Seal key, the said item will be critical in getting the Balmung Sword in "Final Fantasy 15." It will allow gamers to unlock specific doors found inside the eight dungeon areas.

Opening each dungeon door will require "Final Fantasy 15" gamers to complete a side quest. One of these side quests, namely the "Menace Sleeps in Steyliff," is set to reward players with the Balmung Sword.

However, the said weapon will only appear after a gamer has killed five Tonberries and opened 20 rooms. Moreover, with the said dungeon quests only available at night, players can use the daytime hours to prepare for the Balmung Sword mission by resting at camps, as well as stocking up on healing potions and other items.

In other news, "Final Fantasy 15" gamers can expect to see several enhancements, as well as new in-game items that will soon be released to the game. Recently, Square Enix unveiled its plans to deploy free DLCs and other gameplay changes.

One of the enhancements is set to improve the storyline and gameplay elements for Chapter 13. Square Enix is also looking to introduce a customizable avatar system, new playable characters, invincibility armors and other exciting gaming content.

"Final Fantasy 15" was released on Nov. 29 for Xbox One and PS4. Watch the game's trailer below:

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