'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Breeding Feature Is Coming Alongside Generation 2 Pokemon; Avatar Has New Set Of Clothes!

By Kenneth Bren Briones , Updated Dec 12, 2016 10:43 AM EST

A lot of new items and Generation 2 Pokemon have been rumored to debut in "Pokemon Go." Among the various rumors that plagued the internet, the most notable one is that the breeding feature will be coming to "Pokemon Go" very soon.

In the past few weeks, Niantic Labs, the game developer of "Pokemon Go" has been releasing updates of the game, though the mother of all updates is slated to launch today Dec. 12. The much awaited Gen 2 update is finally here to bring a new life to "Pokemon Go."

If you are one avid of the much-hyped game "Pokemon Go," thanks to the hard working folks over the Silph Road, we can get a glimpse of what this Gen 2 update holds. They found out loads of references that points to potential new features.

The most intriguing spotted reference is the new 'baby' position in "Pokemon Go." This new buddy system alongside the gender tags for all Pokemon, we can assume that both of these additional features are hints that this can be a brewing breeding system at its development stage. Although there is still no concrete evidence for this at the moment.

According to a previous report in Gamenguide, the December update of "Pokemon Go" is supposed to introduce the new set of Pokemon as well the Shiny Pokemon. A hundred new Pokemon is set to be released in the wild along with the rare and hard to catch Shinies. Shiny Pokemon is just basic Pokemon with a different color scheme that is usually stronger than average critter.

Moreover, the player's avatar in "Pokemon Go" will finally receive a more comprehensive customization options. To end the bland avatar system, new sets of hats, hair, eyes, backpack, shirts, shoes and pants are said to be added. These options are expected to be in unlockable and purchasable forms.

Finally, these are still pure conjectures and the only manner to confirm this is to wait and see. To get the latest scoop on "Pokemon Go," stay glued here on Gamenguide.

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