'Nioh': Ogress Boss Battle In 4K Resolution On The PS4 Pro

By Michael Augustin , Updated Dec 12, 2016 04:31 AM EST

Nioh continues to add more "Dark Souls" flavor into its gameplay through giant bosses and its difficulty levels. The From Software series carries a western appeal with its setting and weapon designs, while Koei Tecmo's homage oozes with Japanese flavor through its mythical creatures and weapon loadouts. The game showcases some of its Playstation 4 Pro compatibility with a 4K-resolution preview of the protagonist as he fights against one of the bosses.

Koei Tecmo is obviously no stranger to games with challenging objectives. Team Ninja previously worked on the famed "Ninja Gaiden" series of games, which was notorious for its unforgiving difficulty. They have taken their experience with those titles and integrated a "Dark Souls" feel to Nioh. Siliconera presents a video from Playstation Access, which highlights footage taken during Sony's "PSX 2016" event.

The gameplay footage showcases Nioh's main character battling against many of the game's enemies. The Playstation Access' Rob Pearson admits that the person playing the game in the footage is in fact a developer and not him. He goes on to admit that the game does indeed feel like "Dark Souls" with a bit of "Ninja Gaiden" thrown into the mix. He goes on to describe that there were no such thing as "cannon fodder" enemies in the game.

The video shows off some of the Nioh's weapons like a kusarigama, katana and spear, while ranged weapons like a bow and a rifle were also seen. The video also highlights different stances the player can switch into, which changes their attacks and speed. The video eventually introduces one of the game's bosses known as the Ogress. The boss appears huge and intimidating, but also executes an attack pattern that players need to observe in order to survive.

Nioh is a Playstation 4 exclusive title and scheduled for release in 2017. The game was initially designed as a role-playing and was also slated to come out for the Playstation 3.

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