‘Super Mario Run’ Release Date, News & Update: Hackers Don't Waste Your Time Nintendo's Game Won't Work Offline!

By M PEO , Updated Dec 12, 2016 06:28 AM EST

Nintendo and Apple recently announced that Mario is coming to iOS devices on December 15 with "Super Mario Run." But, the game requires an internet connection as Nintendo will not provide an offline mode to "Super Mario Run."

"Super Mario Run" can be downloaded to iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for free, but, players can only play parts of the three modes. The full game can be unlocked by paying $10 starting December 15 and won't play via offline mode.

'Super Mario Run' requires internet connection

Other mobile online games like "Clash of Clans" needs an internet connection for a real-time game experience as the game is a war strategy game against other clans. With "Super Mario Run," it requires an internet connection, not because of the gameplay but, because with piracy concerns.

According to Mashable, series creator and "Super Mario Run" producer, Shigeru Miyamoto said, "For us, we view our software as being a very important asset." He explained that the game is for people who will purchase the game. He said that Nintendo wants to make sure that "we're able to offer it to them in a way that the software is secure, and that they're able to play it in a stable environment."

Internet functions in 'Super Mario Run'

Aside from piracy concern, "Super Mario Run" has three game modes that require internet connection. The Toad Rally game mode needs to download information from Nintendo's server of the other player's run progression in a level.

Moreover, the Kingdom Builder game mode in "Super Mario Run" players will build a "Super Mario Bros. 3" map using the coins the players have earned. The internet connection is needed to verify the player's purchase to prevent cheating in game's currency system, Business Insider reported.  

However, in the World Tour mode, players will just play the levels in "Super Marion Run" and the internet connection is solely for purchase verification. Meanwhile, the required internet connection in "Super Mario Run' only proves that Nintendo takes care of its loyal fans who will purchase their game by providing them the best gameplay experience. 


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